Lab #8

Part 1:

Should Montreal use more bidets? (make words more passive)

Why isn’t Montreal using more bidets?

What is Montreal doing with its sewage?

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Are bidets better?

Are we ashamed of pooping?

When was the last time there had been any innovation in pooping?

Why are we not questioning how we poo?

Why is poop a source of shame?

Is it the responsibility of humans to repair the damage we do to the environment?


Part 2-3-4:

Chronological Scenes/Topics:

Pearce’s statement about poop and psychological trauma

Alex experiencing *culture shock *about toilets- (insert: habit we hope to practice for many years to come.)

1st attempt to infiltrate la station d’epuration massive failure+ Robert Profile

Talk about how now is the worst time ever to go to East End (ozonation crisis 2015 + high security in facilities + everything is underground as well)

BE SYMPATHETIC ABOUT THE WATER STATION (they cannot close not even for a minute or sewers will overflow + most of the news are scientifically unfounded)

Problem of le fleuve saint-laurent and how it is NOT toilet paper. (FOGs, chemical dumps)

Tell research about how bad it is for the environment anyway (research oriented. 1. slow degradation + illegal logging)

Funny attempt at making recycled toilet paper

End with Pearce again saying “We should think about the unintended consequences of our actions.– (by actions it includes pooping)” Toilets and bidets are both bad. (Maybe not mention but keep as note: Bidets are a lesser evil though)

Note to self: Say in TONE (ONLY IN TONE) how Mother Nature is (uhm in trouble) because we damage it by simply existing.



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