Reading Response #11

1) How did you find the process of working on one long piece throughout the whole semester? Do you think you learned anything valuable about how to write? Why or why not? What has stuck with you in terms of attitudes to writing or practices of writing?

  • Having only one piece to work on for an entire semester makes me feel an incredible amount of pressure to deliver. I usually procrastinate, because I always want to add things instead of being happy with what I have. It is counter-productive because even if my final work will have, maybe 5% fewer mistakes, I’d pay for it with the late penalty. I think I learned that procrastination is bad, but it’s a lesson that I will always forget.

2) Which of the techniques of writing (description, narrative, analogy, etc.) that we learned in class do you think will be useful to your writing going forward? Why has this particular technique resonated with you?

  • I wish I had the chance to practice more Narrative Techniques, especially in plot, like foreshadowing, simply because I think it is fun. I think most of the lessons in writing for this class, I’ve already used before. Because surprisingly, a professor will give a student a lot of leeway if s/he hands in a humorous academic paper. It’s an oxymoron, but they’re people too. A teacher of mine for this semester claimed she drinks when reading submitted essays. She gave me back my paper with more red pen marks than there were black printer ink, and for that she’s my favorite. I see myself writing in the future mostly, just for school. Then I’ll likely only use imagery and metaphors when writing heartfelt birthday cards for loved ones.

3) Do you feel your writing improved over the course of the semester? If so, how? If not, why not?

  • It is unfair to say a hard no, because I have been writing a lot of essays for other classes too, I probably am getting better simply because of the virtue of doing more writing. That said, there wasn’t any great valley that I’ve crossed with this English class unlike my first two where I either learned something that will stick with me for the rest of my life or I got to produce work that I’ll be proud of forever. I would have definitely preferred a more fiction-oriented class but it isn’t easy getting one when I have to prioritize the classes I need to graduate.

4) What’s one aspect of writing you think you’ll continue to try to improve in future writing projects?

  • Getting it done on time and being wary of my affinity with long winded sentences.

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